At Ananda Sacramento we regularly host events, classes and workshops pertaining to a "spiritual community lifestyle" and the "art of living" in general.  Any experience, insight, or knowledge that can enhance the quality of life, our physical and emotional health, our relationships, financials, the connection with the environment and life at large, our spiritual growth, and is in line with the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda is welcome as part of our offerings.

Here are some of the most successful “art of living workshops” we hosted in the past year:


yogaMobility and Independence: staying active, staying strong

A part of Ananda's Aging in Place Educational Series, the workshop provided valuable information and tools for staying healthy as we age,  how to fall gracefully and harmlessly, a 5-7 minute program for strengthening our core, and a 15 minute Tai-Chi routine.


soulSoul Collage Workshop

For those who have always loved creativity without the pressure to be an "artist", this was an afternoon of fun that had the power to launch everyone into the new year that each longed to experience.  Soul Collage is an amazing tool to balance the inner life and create more of what everyone wants: peace, joy, and harmony. Soul Collage works in a playful, imaginative, and surprisingly powerful way. 


harmoniumHarmonium Class Series

This is a three-class series that welcomes all who want to come and dive more deeply into chanting, which is a vitally important way to enhance our spiritual practices.



masterSuccess and Happiness Through Yoga Principles

 This three-week course is designed to bring greater prosperity and happiness into everyone's life using the ancient principles of yoga to uplift our consciousness and clear our path of obstacles.



oilsEssential Oils for Every Need

At this experiential workshop, we learned about different brands and varieties of essential oils for every need.  These included spiritually uplifting oils for meditation, as well as essential oils for specific physical ailments and imbalances, for cooking and cleaning, and everything in between.


cecily&victoria-smallAging and Illness as a Path for Spiritual Awakening

A frequently repeated theme in the Bhagavad Gita is the importance of preparing for death. Swami Kriyananda stated that, "Death is the 'final exam' and people should be readied for this exit into a better world, a better future and, if possible, liberation from earthly ties." In this class, we explored some of the precepts Kriyananda recommended through discussion, inquiry, and experiential interaction. 


krHelping Children Learn Key Life Skills

This is a three-class series designed for anyone who works with children ~ parents, teachers, homeschooling instructors, grandparents, Sunday school and youth group leaders. Classes focus on the Life Skill Action Charts.