• karma yoga

    Karma Yoga – Our Life

    Q: Swamiji, what is your opinion about the importance of work: the humble jobs verses the more glamorous jobs; how do we feel the same inspiration no matter what we’re doing? A: If we are on the spiritual path, I’m not talking about worldly work, (which of course, you have to just let people have […]

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  • pic1

    From Nirmala & Dharmadas at the  Kriya Retreat in Ananda Europa – Assissi, 2017

    Dear Friend, Here are a couple of photos, and a transcript of one of the satsangs, to share some of the inspiration we have felt during this Kriya Retreat in Assisi.  We hope you can stay after Sunday service on September 17th, when we hope to show some short videos from Ananda Europa, Ananda India, […]

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  • banner_assisi

    International Kriya Conference – Assissi, 2017

    Dear Friend, We wish we could convey in words the experience of being here in Anand Europa with Kriya Yogis from all over the world. It is truly a little bit of heaven. The vibration is high and beautiful, building on the flow of energy from Spiritual Renewal Week at Ananda Village a couple of […]

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  • krishnaia

    Divine Inspiration

    Dear Great Souls, It was a joy to be part of the Spiritual Renewal Week at Ananda Village last week, and in the spirit of renewed inspiration, I thought I would share a few things. I know for myself, I always struggle with returning home after being in the blissful environment up in the community […]

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  • Russia 2017-2

    Letter from Russia, 2017

    Yogananda Devotees in Ekaterinburg, Russia Dear friend, We traveled to Russia with Dharmadas’ father, Sam, and sister, Beth, to explore a village on the Volga river where Sam’s parents lived before they immigrated to the United States in 1912. We flew into Moscow, and from there flew to Saratov. In one day, we found an […]

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  • mount saint francis

    Midwest Retreat with Dharmadas and Nirmala

    Dear friend, For quite a few years now, we have led a yearly retreat in the Midwest for the devotees there, and this past weekend was a deep blessing.  New meditators, Kriyabans, SRF students, and long-time Ananda devotees from Illinois, Indiana, Missouri, Ohio, and Kentucky came together at a Catholic facility called Mount Saint Francis […]

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  • romanov1-226x300

    Third Letter from Russia – Moskow, June 12th, 2016

    Dear Friend, We are now almost finished with our scheduled programs in Russia. We have one more day of the weekend retreat, with seven new disciples taking discipleship at the ceremony tomorrow. It is such a joy to see these souls blossom through the understanding of Master’s teachings. This weekend has been a blend of […]

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  • airmail-envelope-938655_960_720-300x129

    Second Letter from Russia – Moskow, June 9th 2016

    Dear Friend, We are in the middle of a Kriyaban Retreat at “Mila Gioia.” This is Mila Ostrova’s country house, or “dacha,” outside of Moscow. Since many in the group here have visited Ananda Assisi, “Mila Gioia” is a word play on the Italian “Villa Gioia,” or “house of joy.” And, it has certainly been […]

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  • rus-300x264

    First Letter from Russia – Ekaterinburg, June 4th 2016

    Dear Friend, After 26 hours of traveling we came at last to Ekaterinburg at about 7am, slept for a few hours, and had our first program that evening. It is truly lovely here. As we drove from the airport to the retreat center where we are staying, morning mist was rising from the ground all around […]

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  • taj mahal

    A Fourth Letter from India

    Wednesday morning, February 17th, Dharmadas and I flew to Pune to give a satsang at the beautiful new center in Pune city run by Bramachari Aditya. We spent two nights there, while the others in the family flew back to Delhi to prepare for a day trip to visit the Taj Mahal in Agra on Thursday. They loved this adventure!

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