Healing Prayer Circle


Yogananda encourages us to believe sincerely in the potential of God’s healing powers when we pray. He offers us the following prayer:

“Father, Thy unlimited and all-healing Power is in me. Manifest Thy Light through the darkness of my ignorance.”

In our newly reprinted book, “Divine Will Healing”, he further explains: “All human methods of cure are limited in their healing power, and that only God’s all-permeating, all-healing power is unlimited…Pray intelligently, with the utmost devotion, as if God were listening to everything you were internally and mentally affirming…Pray unceasingly until you are absolutely sure of the divine contact, and then claim your physical, mental, or spiritual needs from the Most High as your divine birthright.”

Come to deepen your prayers at The Healing Prayer Circle offered after Sunday service at 11:45  in the Yoga Room. We will send

soul-solacing prayers for yourself and/or for your special intentions. 

In Master’s Love, Victoria