Meditation II Class – Energy, with Chandrika


Saturday September 30, 9 am-noon,


The secret of success in life, and in meditation practice, is to be able generate energy at will and direct it toward your goals for success. Yogananda developed the Energization Exercises, which you will learn as an integral part of this Saturday workshop, as well as deepening your practice of the techniques in learned in Meditation Step 1.

                        Develop calmness and clarity of mind

                        Increase your powers of concentration

                        Overcome obstacles to meditation

The Energization Exercises are a powerful tool for recharging the body with energy at will, thereby driving away fatigue and disease. More importantly, it is an invaluable tool for developing divine awareness in its most subtle aspects. Both science and yoga tell us that our physical bodies are made of energy, so potentially, we have vast reserves of energy we can draw on. Yogananda said, “There is enough energy in one gram of flesh to keep the city of Chicago supplied with electricity for a week.” Through your practice of the Energization Exercises, you will learn to become aware of the flow energy within you, and how to direct that flow.