Skincare Products, Permaculture, and Working with Nature – Free Lecture with Devadasi Forrester


Friday, January 12, 7 pm – 8:30 pm

What is Ananda permaculture? Why does it exist? How does it serve Ananda’s mission? Why you need to know who makes your body care products. Swamiji’s words on the devas. What does co-creating with the devas mean? How can it serve your dharma?

Devadasi Forrester Bio

Devadasi Forrester has been studying nutrition, health and energy healing practices since she was a child. She has always communed with the devas in all aspects of life. She and her husband, Alex, found Master together 17 years ago in Ashland, OR. They moved to Ananda Village 10 years ago and have coordinated Ananda Permaculture since then.

She received a BA is Psychology and Masters of Social Work degrees and has studied herbal and complementary healing practices with many great teachers.