Unique Counseling Sessions with Sacred Cards – with Lakshmi Selbie


Saturday, April 21, 10:00 am – 1 pm

Gifted Healer and Counselor Lakshmi Selbie offers Unique Counseling Sessions with Sacred Cards.

There is so much wonderful, uplifting information and guidance available these days, it can be over-whelming to know how to apply it!

The simple images of the cards serve to focus my intuition, allowing me to illuminate and clarify the energies at play in your life at this time. What direction is right for you, what fears or obstacles hold you back, is it time for action or time to go deeper within? We’ll work together to answer the question: How best to move your life forward from where you are right now?


I want to thank you again for that amazing card reading yesterday.  I feel that you opened a door of possibilities that I had not even considered.                                                                               S.L.  Palo Alto, CA

I want to thank you again for the reading and the intuitive insight that you provided. It really helped put things in focus so I know where I need to put my energies.                                              J.A.  Bloomington, IN

The reading was so incredibly validating and so perfect for me to hear what you had to share through the cards and through your wisdom and your grace.                                                       
C. P.  Sacramento, CA

I was astonished by how accurate and helpful these reading turned out to be.    
A.P. Mountain View, CA

Lakshmi’s reading was very helpful to me on many levels. Her intuitive guidance and knowledge, her warm and compassionate nature, were all reminders of Divine Mother’s ever-loving presence.            
N.S. Pune, India