From Nirmala & Dharmadas at the  Kriya Retreat in Ananda Europa – Assissi, 2017


Dear Friend,

Here are a couple of photos, and a transcript of one of the satsangs, to share some of the inspiration we have felt during this Kriya Retreat in Assisi. 

We hope you can stay after Sunday service on September 17th, when we hope to show some short videos from Ananda Europa, Ananda India, Ananda Russia, and Ananda America.

Enjoy! Aum, Nirmala & Dharmadas


Attunement with our Masters ~ a transcript of one of the satsangs during the retreat

In a talk recently, Devi said, “If we want to become one with the light of God, we have to LIVE in that light.”

Attunement is the method, the means through which we learn HOW to live in that light everyday. We can’t expect to suddenly become one with God’s light; the desire to live more and more in God’s light is something that grows in us, and that we can nurture through our daily practices.

Yogananda and Kriyananda have urged us to “be in tune.” In discovering what that means in our lives, it is helpful to think in terms of music.

If we want to get a guitar in tune, we start by tuning one string, the string of “A.” Once the “A” string is in tune, then each of the other strings is tuned to that string, individually, one at a time. The “A” string becomes the reference point, the constant to which every other string refers.

To apply this to our lives, the vibration of the Masters is the “A” string, the constant, the great gift God has given us to help us become in tune with Him. We express our appreciation for this gift by diving deeply into that vibration: through study of the teachings, satsang with other seekers, singing Swami’s music, practicing the meditation techniques we have been given, using affirmations, etc.

By exploring and giving our hearts to any of the practices of our path that we feel “in tune” with, we show our gratitude, and we utilize this sacred gift of the vibration of the Gurus that has come into our lives. We grow more and more in the light of God when we allow that vibration to “hum” in the background of our minds and hearts so that we are constantly filled with it and “resonating” with it.

Then, like each of the guitar strings attuning itself to the string of “A,” we try to refer everything that happens in our lives back to that vibration of the Masters. As Swami Kriyananda urged us to do, ask in every circumstance, “What would Yogananda do?” 

Think of the challenges you are currently experiencing: what would Yogananda do? What would he think? What would he say?

If we make the vibration of the Masters the “Polestar” of our lives, always being guided by their vibration, we will grow in God’s light.

It is also helpful to think of attunement in terms of sound waves. The guitar’s string of “A,” and the individual string trying to get in tune with it, both produce a sound wave pattern. If the two are NOT in tune, the sound waves clash, they crash into each other, and the resulting sound is disharmonious, discordant. It is a jagged vibration, painful to hear!

But if the two sounds ARE in tune, then the waves flow harmoniously together, they are in sync, there is a smooth vibration ~ peaceful and blissful. 

In our lives we experience both discord and harmony. The pain of discord is showing us where we are not in tune, and what needs to be changed. The bliss of harmony is showing us where we are in tune, and the way to move forward to live more in the Light.

Swami Kriyananda said that if you overhear people talking negatively, you will often hear shrill laughter. He said that happens because they feel the discomfort of doing something wrong, but don’t know how to get out of it, and so try to laugh it off. Their laughter is tainted by the negativity, and so it comes out nervous and shrill. 

Sri Yukteswar told Yogananda that beings who are highly evolved spiritually feel pain if they make any mistake in “conduct or perception of truth.” 

As we grow spiritually, we become more sensitive to the vibrations of harmony: we are learning to choose the light of God, and stay away from negativity and disharmony.

If we feel ourselves sometimes going a little “flat” in our attunement with the Masters, we can do what Swami advised singers to do: THINK JOY!!!!

He would tell singers who were going flat to think JOY, and feel JOY to lift their consciousness, and “stay on pitch,” and “be in tune.”

There is no substitute for doing the work: immersing ourselves in the “sound” of the Masters until we are constantly humming with their energy and joy. If we refer every thought, feeling, and action back to that vibration, we will learn to think, feel, and act in accordance with dharma, and become free: we will become one with God’s light.

Jyotish has said that each of us has a deep hunger, a soul yearning that can only be filled by God. To think of this yearning in musical terms, we can think of it as the clashing minor chords of conflict and troubles, and the longing we feel for resolution in the peaceful major chords of joy, love, and friendship.

We can find that divine resolution to all the conflict and troubles that we experience through attunement with the vibration of the Masters. If we “follow the bliss” we will get there.

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