On-going Hatha Yoga Classes

Ananda Sacramento offers yoga classes three times a week with the following schedule:

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Mondays: 10 - 11:15 am
Tuesdays: 6 - 7 pm
Thursdays: 6 - 7 pm
Saturdays: 9 - 10:30 pm

Ananda’s gentle meditative style of yoga makes it suitable for all levels, including beginners. Ananda Yoga helps you feel deeply peaceful, uplifted and revitalized. You will experience being gently guided into the essence of the postures according to your own level of flexibility. Then we add the spiritual affirmations integrated into the movements which take your spirit to a whole new level of joyful awareness. These three work together to bring body, mind and spirit into perfect harmony.


First timers offer: 7 classes for $7! Take 7 classes in one month for only $7.

1 class         $12  
5 classes    $55
8 classes    $80
12 classes  $100


Yoga Teacher Training - a six-month course

Ananda Sacramento offers a twelve-Saturday yoga teacher training course led by Nayaswami Bhavani, a minister and exceptional yoga trainer who has raised many of the Ananda's best yoga professionals. This is a wonderful opportunity to deepen anyone's experience of the Ananda yoga techniques, whether planning on becoming an instructor or just for personal growth.

For any additional information please call Nayaswami Bhavani at 916-435-8189.