10 Practices to Make You a Better Healer

  1. Daily Meditation – One cannot heal with God’s Divine Energy without feeling God Contact.
  2. Energization Exercises – Energy control, feeling energy, drawing energy in, all this can be learned through the energization exercises.
  3. An Open Heart – Practice opening your heart to the Divine in every situation. Energetically feel it opening and with devotion, listen always for His call.
  4. Humility – God is the doer. This is really important as a healer to keep the flow of energy open. When we start to think – “I healed . . .” we just removed God from the equation. Always remember who the source is.
  5. Be Thankful – We receive grace in our lives in both little and big ways. As Yogananda says, “All circumstances are neutral.” When we can see the grace in all situations, we open ourselves up more and more to see God in everything.
  6. Feel your connection with all things – Go for walks in nature. Feel the energy of the trees. Send them love. Listen to the sounds and know they are all manifestations of Aum.
  7. Trust your intuition – When you have an intuitive thought or feeling, share it. Learn to follow your intuition more and more. The more you trust your intuition, the more you will open up to what God is trying to tell you.
  8. Consciously send energy – When you give someone a hug or hold their hand, consciously send healing energy through your hands. When listening to someone speak, send Master’s energy through your eyes. When you speak, impregnate your words with God’s Love, Joy, or Will.
  9. Practice the Presence of God – While healing, you need to hold the presence of God and send that energy through. If you can practice holding that presence, while speaking, walking, moving, through all distractions, it will help you keep your connection, concentration, and focus while healing.
  10. Seclusion – “Seclusion is the price of greatness.” We are striving for perfection and oneness.  Be spiritually selfish and take time for Him alone. Even if it is just for a night at first. If you have family and responsibilities, remember, children learn from example more than words. Show them how important it is for them to take time for God and themselves. Many blessings come from this sacred time that will change you forever.

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