Ananda’s Communities

From his youth, Ananda’s founder, Swami Kriyananda had dreamed of creating small communities based on cooperation and high ideals. When he became Yogananda’s disciple in 1948, he discovered that Yogananda, too, was committed to the concept of “World Brotherhood Colonies.”

Yogananda taught that what the world needs is a blend of the best qualities of the East and West: the spiritual insight of the East and the practical efficiency of the West.

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One without the other leads to a society barren of human fulfillment, but a balance of the two can bring peace, harmony, prosperity, and happiness. Yogananda often predicted that world brotherhood colonies, based on the twin principles of “plain living and high thinking,” would be the social pattern for the future. Kriyananda vowed to do his utmost to make this dream a reality.

Below is a list of all the current Ananda communities. Ananda also has teaching centers, retreats, and meditation groups.

USA - Ananda Village

ananda villageIn 1968, Swami Kriyananda began the fulfillment of Yogananda’s vision with the establishment of Ananda Village. Ananda Village is situated on 900 acres amidst the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in northern California. Today, over 200 people reside here, including adults and children of all ages.

Ananda Village is also the headquarters for Ananda Sangha Worldwide and home to The Expanding Light retreat center. The Ananda Meditation Retreat, is located about 5 miles away.

USA - Ananda Palo Alto

ananda palo alto

The Ananda Palo Alto community is located in an apartment complex in Mountain View, California.

Nayaswami Asha, Nayaswami Shanti Rubenstone, and David Praver run the community along with a team of long-time devotees and meditators.

Nayaswami Asha also travels extensively giving workshops and retreats all over the world.

USA - Ananda Portland

ananda portlandThe Ananda Portland Community is located in Vermont Hills in southwest Portland, about ten minutes from the Temple and Teaching Center in Beaverton, Oregon. The community is a fifty unit apartment complex on five beautiful acres next to a wetlands preserve, shared by residents who aspire to a life centered in spirit.

USA - Ananda Laurelwood

ananda laurelwoodThe Ananda Laurelwood Community is a retreat and conference center. It is also home to the traveling Ananda College of Living Wisdom. It’s situated on 225 acres in the Laurelwood Valley, just west of Portland Oregon. Its gardens, orchards, abundant wildlife, rolling hills, inspiring views, and the close proximity of Bald Peak all provide a setting conducive to expansive thinking, creativity, and a sense of harmony with life.

Formerly the land was home to a residential 7th Day Adventist High School, and is now being transformed into a beautiful retreat and conference center. Nearby land was also recently purchased for the building of houses for community residents.

USA - Ananda Seattle

ananda seattleAnanda Seattle consists of an urban community in an apartment complex, teaching center and temple, bookshop, school, and farm. It offers many courses including yoga teacher training and meditation teacher training, as well as Sunday Service.

Italy - Ananda Assisi

ananda assisiAnanda Europa was founded in Italy in 1983 and has been flourishing at its present location in the beautiful Umbrian hills near Assisi since 1986. There are about eighty residents at Ananda Assisi, some living within the community and others, including families and children, in homes nearby. This Ananda community is also a retreat and offers many programs, including a residential karma yoga program, where guests can live and serve with community residents.

India - Ananda Pune

ananda puneAn hour’s drive from the city of Pune, India, is a place of natural beauty and high spiritual vibration. Nestled in Maharasthra’s scenic Western Ghats, where peace and quiet prevail, Ananda Pune is more than just a pastoral retreat centre and budding residential community. It represents a spiritual movement and blessed way of life that is both ancient and ever new. Universal in scope, it is truly a place of hope for a better world.

Ananda Pune is part of Ananda Sangha Worldwide, a thriving spiritual network like no other, established in 1968 in Nevada City, California, USA. As you explore this website, you will discover what makes it so, and how you, too, can experience and enjoy its many unique qualities and opportunities. Ananda Pune also has an active centre in the city, where classes, satsangs, and special events are held on Thursdays and weekends.

India - Ananda Delhi

ananda delhiAnanda Sangha Delhi is led by Tyagis Keshava and Daya Taylor. They have lived in India since the founding of Ananda’s work by Swami Kriyananda in India in 2003.

Together they have 65 years experience with Meditation and Kriya Yoga. Keshava is an authorized Kriyacharya (one who can initiate others into Kriya Yoga).

India - Ananda Gurgaon

ananda gurgaon

Ananda Sangha Gurgaon offers Meditation Classes,  Ananda Yoga, Satsangs, Kirtans, Counselling, Healing Prayers as well as classes on Health, Music, Scriptures and Healing Techniques. Blessing Ceremonies are offered for birthdays, newborns, anniversaries, and for the departed.