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Ananda Sangha throughout the world exists to help people grow spiritually.  Whether you are seeking more peace in your life, or a deeper connection with God, Ananda Communities, temples and meditation groups offer support and friendship for your spiritual journey.

Paramhansa Yogananda and our founder, Nayaswami Kriyananda, always stressed the importance of keeping regular company with other like-minded seekers on the path. This enables each individual to form and strengthen good habits of living for his ongoing experience of “waking up” to God’s presence within.

Yogananda’s vision was of World Brotherhood Colonies spreading around the globe for people from all walks of life, dedicated to “plain living and high thinking.” People of all faiths feel welcome at Ananda. The emphasis is on the individual quest for Self-realization, the unifying reality behind all spiritual traditions.


ananda church


Ananda Sacramento is a friendly-sized church—big enough to be dynamic and lively on Sundays, and small enough for you to easily meet people. At least 300 people are part of the congregation here in the Sacramento Area. More are part of the extended family of friends