Healing Prayers

orchidPerhaps you or someone you know is facing an illness or a personal challenge—physical, mental, or spiritual. Please let us know, so we can pray on your behalf. Ananda Sacramento has more than 100 prayer givers who pray for those in need.

Simply email or call us (916) 361-0891 with helpful details about the person in need. Please include the following information:

Your name (optional):

Person’s full name in need of prayers.

Concern: Provide the person’s approximate age, location (city, state) and concern or need for physical, emotional, or spiritual healing, as appropriate.

Monthly Healing Circle

healing-prayersJoin a monthly healing prayer circle that meets after Sunday service once a month. Healing circles usually last about 45 minutes. During this service we meditate then pray for one another using Paramhansa Yogananda’s magnetic healing prayer techniques. Everyone is welcome.

Praying from Your Home

You can also pray for others from your home. There are now approximately 100 prayer givers that receive names of those who have contacted us requesting prayers for themselves or others. You would receive 2 – 3 names per month. We ask that you keep these souls in your private prayer practice during this time. Call or email to be part of this healing prayer council ministry. Simply call or email us to indicate your interest and you will be contacted.

“Place your absolute faith in the Deity of all Deities, or the Spirit of all Spirits and always undoubtedly believe His power working in you, just behind your thoughts, prayers, convictions to give you infinite strength to heal yourself and others.”—Paramhansa Yogananda