“Finding Happiness”

Filmed on location at the Ananda communities in California, Italy, and India, Finding Happiness follows Juliet, an investigative reporter, as she talks with the real residents of Ananda, who answer her questions and welcome her to a reality she had never imagined possible.

One day, unwanted and unexpected, Julie receives an assignment from her boss at Profiles magazine to visit a spiritual community in northern California that has developed alternative solutions to the world’s problems for nearly half a century. While at Ananda World Brotherhood Village, she’ll interview its visionary founder, Swami Kriyananda, as well as a whole group of people who have made the personal journey from idealism to inner transformation, and who have developed practical solutions for a sustainable, harmonious, inwardly fulfilling way of life.

In her interviews Julie finds answers for her personal quest. Kriyananda’s gentle wisdom helps her discover eternal truths with the power to transform her life.

Finding Happiness: When you change, everything changes.”