Spiritual counseling is an integrative approach to counseling that takes into account the sprit, as well as the mind and body of the individual, and sees life and its challenges as a sacred and deeply personalized flow of energy. The counselors are committed to a spiritual path of their own and have the open heart and compassion to understand and hold the space for the personal enfoldment of others.

Ministerial Cocounsellingunseling

Challenges are an integral part of life. If you’d like to talk with someone about how to navigate a challenging situation, or need help making a difficult personal change, you may wish to seek the spiritual counsel of an Ananda minister. Call now 916-361-0891 to talk to our staff.

Spiritual Mentoring

The spiritual path is a deeply rewarding journey, though not always an easy one. That’s where mentoring comes in. One of the advantages of community is to be able to learn from the experiences of others, rather than facing challenges alone. A spiritual friend and guide can be an enormous blessing on the path. If you are a part of Ananda now, or just beginning your journey with the teachings at Ananda, perhaps you would appreciate having someone to talk with along the way. Our mentoring team has been helping others for many years; some have been on the path for decades. They have each been helped on their own journey and are happy to complete the circle by offering to help others.

This program is intended primarily for people living in Sacramento, and offers a human connection, usually face-to-face, to share and connect about the spiritual life, and how to integrate spiritual principles into daily life.